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Problem: burning incense in many customs is an old practice all over the world, but yet it stills in-placeSolution: our fragranced incenses and smart oud are designed to be taken with you, wherever your day takes meaning mindfulness will always be on hand, where you need it. Just one or two steams a day is enough to meet your daily requirements.


Problem: it is estimated that 264 million people around the globe have anxiety. (World Health Organization, 2017)People have burned incense in many customs around the world for centuries. Although the ritual of incense burning has long held a symbolic meaning, it has a physical component as well.Its impact is strong not only on the soul and spirit, but also for the brain and body.Fragrance has an intrinsic ability to affect the central nervous system in addition to the limbic system and our products are made for that.

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We provide the best Royal Frankincense quality both Green and White.


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We aim to make Frankincense more inclusive and accessible to the people and the world, both raw materials and derivatives.

He said about us


“I bought your collection of Frankincense and luxurious Ouds. I loved the powerful scents that leave all of Gucci Oud and Fendi Oud. The packaging is amazing too, I’m keeping all of my boxes on it.”


He said about us


“I didn't know about the Frankincense before, I bought it out of curiosity to test it, and it was good, it really made my home smell good especially after the cleaning. I will have a second bottle.”

Dar Dixon


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“Your incense leaves a strong fragrance that makes the place smell good, thanks.”

Anna Gray